Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Recording With ATC Chameleon Action Dual Lens Camera

Well, it has been a dry spell in the western portion of the United States. No water rafting around here. We have earthquakes but I'd rather not invoke an invitation to an earth thumping event. Don't have a bike or skateboard so that is out.

So I use what I have available. This is a test of the color quality from the ATC Chameleon Action Dual Lens Camera.

Recording Video

This experience is much like how people recorded photos and Super8 moves from years gone by; your capture a recording but you don't know what you have until you get home and process it. What I saw with my naked eyes versus the camera are two different experiences.

The camera has fish-eye lenses. I do not.

In the supermarket there is a mixture of daylight and florescent lighting. Product labels were really saturated with excess color. This was really noticeable with a bag of onions.  White label products were over saturated to the point of blowing out.

The video recorded outside in late afternoon; the colors were a bit more normal but still cranked up.

Editing the Video

The ATC Chameleon records in .mp4 so you'd think there would not be a problem editing the video. Depending on what you have it might be a challenged.

  • QuickTime Pro - no problem reading the file but I can only make straight cuts or join video. 
  • Sony Vegas Studio 11 - could not open the video. There was no designation for 1980x1280p at 30 fps. There is one for 60i but that isn't what I have. Didn't matter - refused or open the file.
  • GoPro Studio had no problem opening the video but in order to work with it the software converted it into an avi video. An 8GB video. The original file was only 78MB.
  • Serif Movie Plus X6 could read and edit the video but I again ran in to the problem of no designation for 1980x1280p at 30fps.  I could go high but not lower. I manage to get the above video but the black bars arrived for added decoration.
I'm looking for a workable solution.

Still in testing mode...

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