Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On the Jazz - Making the Rx Video

No, I haven't punked out again. I'm actually on a deadline that I'm very excited about and it fits in with storytelling. Some of you know that I have an interest in making explained videos.

Well, I got the opportunity to take a health literacy class. For my final, I'm making a video on how to read a prescription label.

I've been knocking out the script and starting to gathering assets.  I will be using some of the pictograms that I have acquired  to keep it as simple as possible.

And yeah, I have a backup plan if I can't extract video from the software. You must have a back-up plan if you promise to deliver something to somebody else.

What else?

Even if I can extract the video from Adobe Voice I'll still be tweaking it up with other software; I'll need to add captions to the video. I'll want to add a resource page and a disclaimer notice.

So I may need to use a video editing software. I just upgraded to Sony Movie Studio Premium and got a bunch of other software like Boris and Hitfilm FX Home. I lack for nothing but time and sleep.

Actually I want to try three things; making the video with Adobe Voice, using Powerpoint as an animation tool and maybe making an explainer animated gif. I have no I'd how to explainer animated gifs but I do know that I have to turn in my project by next week.

Mind is going crazy with possibilities. Will keep you posted.

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