Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lighting On the Cheap - Resources for Inspiration

You do need a light source. You want your video to look good but money is a part of the deal. The good news is that you can light on the cheap.

For those of you doing video in your home with inexpensive webcams and camcorders please watch this video, the kid is telling you the straight scoop on zero budget three point lighting.

Here are additional quick and affordable resources you can check out to help you construct a lighting kit or set up a lighting plan that works.
Now for every rule there is someone who breaks it and has great success. This may not be one of them. You do need to light your videos. Don't get too hung up on lamps or bulbs. Do what you can.

Got three flashlights and a white poster board? That could work. You can experiment, reuse and recycle what you have in you home. (Hint, the 99 Cent Only Store or Dollar Store is your friend.)

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