Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yahoo Creative Commons Music Search

June 2012 Update: the Yahoo Creative Commons search page is gone, the link defaults to a basic search page. Fear not, if you want to find Creative Common musicians visit the Creative Commons Legal Music page.This post remains as a historical reference post.

The right bit of music can add a sweet accent to your video. However, it seems to me that the music industry has limited interest in developing or finding new talent that does not fit inside a demographic cash cow.

We can change that. We really don't need them anymore. We can get music for our videos, discover new talent and move forward in creativity.

Yahoo Creative Commons Music Search

There are musicians who want you to use their music. Conversely, how are we gonna find new music if we do not go looking for it? One of the ways to find permissible music is via Yahoo Creative Commons Search.

Plunk in you search term, click a check box if you want to use creative common music for commercial use or if you have permission to adapt and re-mix music.

You will get a results page with your keyword results. I found I had to fiddle to find the right keywords. I also experienced a lot of crud coming up that had nothing to do with music.

It does work.

I found a new source called ArtistServer that has Creative Commons licenses and Public Domain performers. There was a variety of music genres as well.

Well, give it a shake down and share what you think.

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