Monday, February 8, 2010

Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling

There is a new book entitled Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube by Micheal Sean Kaminsky.

Book cover for Naked Lens
It is an invitation for self-discovery and a reclamation project for the You in the 'tubes. The above photo is linked to his Amazon page where you can view the table of contents and read a few pages from the book.

The price is right and the topic timely.


  1. I've been thinking lately that I haven't done a vlog in an age. This is definitely on my list to read this year!

  2. I like the thought of slowing the tide of corporate/broadcast videos by having more user generated content or independent video makers.

    Holding the flame of hope alive.


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