Sunday, April 18, 2010

What A Week! - Videoblogging 2010 Round-Up

From Blip, YouTube, Vimeo and all ports from around the globe they came, saw and vlogged. Some for just a day and others for the entire week. The point was that user generated content is alive and well.

Folks may not call themselves videobloggers but there was good stuff clearing the chuff out of the 'Tubes. So as I write, launder and prepare for the week ahead I will be posting some of the goodies I was able to view.

This is just a small sample of folks sharing their part of the world.

Heath Parks - If I Could Turn Back Time

Tim at UpSideDown on Health Care, Political Mean Spiritness and Other Stuff:

Josh Leo on the Carrot Cake Throw-down

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