Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blinkx - Video Search Engine for Desktop and Mobile Users

Blinkx helps you find online video content for viewing on your desktop, media device or smartphone. You use it just like a text search engine only it helps you to find videos you might want to see from a variety of sources. Mobile users can get to Blinkx by typing

Blinkx Video Search EngineFor content creators you can submit your video content to Blinx to have it listed in the search.

You can search by keyword or select a category and dive in. According to the web site there 35 million hours of video they have indexed. They seem to have partnerships with broadcast companies and private content providers.

I did a quick test of the category Technology page and I was presented with a built-in player and various content choices. The first time I landed on the page I watched the video with no problem.

I selected another video for viewing and could not hear the audio. I thought I had a bum video so I went back to the original video. Same problem. Opened another browser - same problem.

Found a video from another source, no problem hearing the audio. It could be me. But I don't think so. I tried the Blinx mobile search from my desktop. I was able to hear audio on two videos.

Anyway, I did see new video content that I want to investigate. I might just use this as a reference search engine and then go to the original source.

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