Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got Video Shakes? Try vReveal

You spend time and effort getting the footage. Once you have transferred the video to your computer discover that the video has the major shakes.

This problem is only going to get worse with mobile and media players that can record video. There is no tripod or stabilization for these devices yet.

What do you do after you discover you got the shot and it is goofed up?

vReveal is the new incarnation of the old Fix My Video site. It is now a software application that comes in a free version and a $39 premium version. It runs on the Windows operating system XP on up.

Disclaimer: I have not use this program or the prior web site. I can't speak to the quality of the software. I've used similar programs but I'm presenting this as an option to be investigated.

Here is an example by the vendor:

Snowboarding from vReveal on Vimeo.

Both the free and the premium version have the ability to:
  • Organize your videos
  • Provide a quick fix for contrast, white light, De-interlacing video and more
  • Export video is .wmv, uncompressed .avi, DivX .avi and MJPEG.avi
  • YouTube and Facebook upload assistance
In the free version there is a 3 second watermark placed on the videos, there can be advertisements and not all feature are available. Oh, one more thing, you can import HD video but in the free version you can only export out 480p or standard definition.

Bottom Line:

Check your existing video editing package. It might have the anti-shake feature built in. You might discover that it is too complicated for you to use or it may not present a workable video.

In that case. it cost nothing to try it vReveal out; especially if you have a great video that has a bad case of the shakes.

There are trade offs on using this kind of software. There might be a reduction of the image quality or the video is cropped so that you don't notice the affected areas but you are missing a vital part of the shot.

Give it a go and see if it works for you.

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