Saturday, June 12, 2010

Video Editing for the iPhone 4 From ZDNet Tech Republic

I am pleased beyond measure that I did not buy an iPhone or iTouch last week before Steve Jobs announcement. I would have felt crunched. I would have been totally bummed. New iPhone for $99? Apps galore? Like video editing on the phone?

Heaven help me. This is a video from ZDNet's Tech Republic. It is from I believe the WWDC conference and this is the part of the presentation where Apple is showing off the video editing features of the iPhone 4:

I repeat, I'm not an Apple fan girl. But iMovie for the iPhone puts me in an interesting spot. It is taping into a time marker in my head. I remember how challenging it was to post video on the 'tubes back in the day and now folks can do it on their phones. Back in the day was 2005 and 2006. How far we have come.

HD movie editing on a mobile phone that can be uploaded to a web host. Dang!

I know for sure why AT&T killed that unlimited data plan. Can't make a standard call as it is in most urban heavy density centers. Ask folks in NY,Chi and SF how they feel about AT&T mobile services?

I feel the need to leave my money at home for a few days. I don't trust myself.

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