Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life in A Day - This Is The Day!

I have read some grumbling from M$M sites and other so-called sage people that are kicking the Life in A Day user generated documentary concept. They question who would want to watch a video of people doing ordinary things?

They question how could anything good come from a pool of user generated content? Well, having seen a variety of user generated content I'm not that worried. There is a diversity of content including talking head, reporting/documentary, lifestyle and so much more.

Yes, some folks will record the goofy, the adorable, the obligatory cat video with equal time for the the dog video. There will be opportunists. There will be performers.

But what I hope for is more women take a moment and participate to share our stores. I hope that more men who have been quiet take a moment to tell who they are and what they dream of outside of the images presented in the media.

It is the small things that can move us, help us to see the ripple in the pond.

If you need to check out the rules dive into the Life in A DayFAQ.

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