Thursday, July 8, 2010

VidCon2010 Sold Out As In I Might Not Get to Go

Oh my. I was planning on stopping VidCon 2010 for one day. I didn't register because I thought there would be tickets at the door. Oops. They just sold out.

VidCon Booked to Capacity

It does happen that folks don't show up but I'm thinking the place is going to be filled with mid-west and west coast YouTubers that couldn't attend the prior east coast events.

My understanding is that the parts of the conference will be live streamed. What am I saying? The place is going to be packed with people, computers, mobile phones and massive Wi-Fi demands.

The hotel IT and media AV people are going to be crying around 11:30 a.m. I've seen it happen. Unless the hotel folks were really briefed on the needs of the users of the conference there is a server or two that is going to go down.

Or not.

Anyway, maybe by Sunday a chunk of folks will be burned out, go home and I can slip on in. Seems like that would be closer to the spirit of an un-conference anyway.

No worries, I still have NonCon2010 as an option.

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