Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AFRO Archives - Thinking About Creating A PSA

I think one of the things that web video can do is to help promote resources. I found out about the AFRO Archives. I was reading the comments and one of them bothered me.

One commenter thought the archives was a good idea but doubted that African Americans would be interested in this kind of information.

I disagree, I think folks would be very interested if you let them know that it exists or let other people liked educators know it exists so that the archive can be used as a teaching resource.

AFRO American Newspaper Archives
Yeah, so what does this have to do with creating a video? Glad you asked.

Yesterday I wrote about the process about creating a core message video. Well, why not a very short video PSA to help promote the AFRO Archives or by extension any non-profit that does good work but has zero promotion.

For the record, yes, I know Google and the AFRO American Newspaper Chain are in no way non-profit organizations. In this situation perhaps I'm acting as a (non)Robin Hood and sharing what I found in the forest of information.

Yeah, that's it.

Basic Brainstorm Questions:

Do I have time to do this? No, but I'm doing it anyway. But time is a factor so that means I have to keep it short and simple.

Who besides myself would be interested knowing about the resource? Librarians, teachers, historians, genealogists, writers, students, and info-junkies everywhere.

What About Copyright? That could be sticky. The newspaper chain does still exist. The newspaper archives are being presented in a public display but that doesn't mean I can necessarily snatch, grab and post.

I believe that I could use a very small portion of some of the banners and images under Fair Use but I have to check the web site to see if there is a statement on what is and isn't allowed.

I've got a bit more brainstorming to do but these are the kind of questions that need to be considered before you jump into planning and producing a video PSA.

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