Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Containing My Envy - Vimeo iPhone App for iPhone

Yes, there is a free Vimeo app for the iPhone4. This bad boy can do a lot of things and once again I'm feeling the pain of non-ownership.

This is a short video introduction to the application:

According to the Vimeo blog this rascal mimics the desktop experience, you can view, download and set up a gallery. And that would be very cool.

But it also can:
  • Upload videos to Vimeo
  • Full edit features of recorded movies, and a choice of upload modes.
  • Share via Twitter, Tumblr or however you want to do it.
This is new so expect a few glitches. I think this could be extremely cool for those that want to have the option of another mobile video browser and video editor.

Those souls on Android need to take a meditative breath. We need a bit a patience. It will come. I feel it in my bones and Vimeo said they have it in the pipeline.

I just need to resume my mantra, I don't want an iPhone, I don't need an iPhone but I might want to get my hands on that app. Sigh.

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