Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alternative Video Creation Sites Via YouTube

I hear that Videoblogging Week 2011 is starting May 1-7. You say you don't have time to get out with your camcorder? Who says you have too? There are so many options.

Here are three popular sites that make it easier to participate. YouTube is providing easier access to some of the alternative video creation sites. If you go to the YouTube/Create page you will see links to Stupeflix, XtraNormal Movie Maker and GoAnimate.

Alternative Video Creation via YouTubeStupeflix allows you to combines photos and video clips into a moving slideshow. The advantage of using this site is that there is a bank of music you can draw from and the have the do-dads that can be applied to your work.

The gotcha is that you can create a 360p video that is under a minute for free, anything longer and you pony up the cash. Then again, you tell the right story and a minute is all you need.

XtraNormal has a set of computer generated characters that you can type the dialog and have limited motion. You think up the idea and let your fingers do the talking. The gotcha here is that you can select the free character modules if you want to avoid paying for sets and more expressive bodies.

Finally there is GoAnimate which is a cartoon animation program that you can whip up your own loony tunes without the bother of onion skin. Everything is there for you, you drag, drop and compose your video.

Now you could go set up an account with these individual sites. You don't need to use the YouTube interface but if you were gonna plunk it up there in the first place then save yourself a step.

Before you create your masterpiece you really should read the privacy information and terms of service.

Just saying. If you can live with the terms of service then go forth and make some magic.

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