Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camcorder Video Editing Software Considerations

So a few days ago I presented some questions you can consider about buying a camcorder. One of those questions was "How Tech Savvy Are You?" The reason I put that question out there is because the number two question I get is "Why doesn't my video work with my editing software?

Folks get so caught up in the getting of things and not taking the time to understand the relationship between themselves and the equipment. For each choice you make there will be five other choices that present themselves.

If you don't know how to deal with those choices you can get stuck. When it comes to editing videos this is not completely our fault.

Manufactures do not make it easy to match up the right camcorder and video editing experience. The frigging .mp4 madness that is romping around is a mind bender.

Having said that, if you could match up the camcorder purchase with your operating system, the capabilities of you video editing problem and you current skill level that would be a wonderful thing to do.

For many people that ship has sailed because they bought the camcorder. If you purchased an inexpensive new camcorder you probably have software to help you edit or upload your videos.


  • ArcSoft software bundled with camcorder for PC users only
  • FlipShare (End of Life coming very soon to FlipCam owners)
  • Samsung's Inteli-Studio

Operating System - Mac Users

Many of the video editing programs that are provided with new camcorders are for PC users. Unfair, but true.

If you are a Mac user you generally can't use the PC software unless you are savvy enough to run a dual boot system. You next hope is that your version of iMovie can open the video. The short answer is early versions can't. You will either have to upgrade or find another answer.

If you are a newbie then this can be frustrating. You will now have to look at the semi-toxic world of video converter software. You don't want to plow in that swamp land so I suggest you download the Mac compatible version of MPEG Streamclip or Adapter (currently in Beta) for conversion to an iMovie format.

Operating System - PC Users

These programs allow you to make editing, maybe add title and upload to YouTube or Vimeo. If you have never don't this before the theory is that these programs make it simple.

Well, yeah. that is the theory. Some applications are crappy and not well made. Others work fine but if you are a person unwilling to figure out a problem or read the manual (if you have one) then frustration will be rampant.

Not much more to say about these applications. If they work for you then you are probably not reading this post. If they don't then hold on, next up is the video editing software that may or may not have come with your computer.

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