Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More About Samsung Intelli-Studio and Blog

A few days ago I wrote about a Samsung F50 Flash camcorder. Included with that camcorder is a video editing software called Intelli-Studio, a basic editing program.

Well, at the time the only demo video I could find was a Flash animation. This is a much better tutorial type video that shows you the editing process in that software. It is close to a FlipShare editing experience so those of you looking to transition to another point and share camcorder might be interested in this product.

I was curious about what kind of Samsung had about their camcorder products. I looked around and found the Samsung Imaging blog.

The blog contains promotional information about their line of cameras and camcorders but it also has sponsored guest bloggers talking about or using their equipment. Sponsored in the sense that the participants were given or loaned a camcorder about a trip or experience.

You can use the tags at the bottom to filter the kind of post you want to see, since I wanted stuff on camcorders so that is where I went to check out that section of the blog.

This is a video recorded on a Samsung HMx-M20 about dining at a Korean restaurant.

I can see this as a place to check in once in a while to find out what they have in camcorders or product information. And no, I have no connection the vendor or Samsung products at this time.

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