Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick and Easy Storyboard Part Two - A Little Structure

Still not gronking on the 3x5 cards? You say you need something a bit more structured? You are trying to demonstrate a concept or task? Let me see what I have in the old kit bag.

Ah yes, this will do it.

I create a simple template for myself so that I am clear on what I want to explain or show in a video. 
This is a reproduction of the storyboard that I used to make the PSA Fannie Lou Hamer PSA

Why Would I Want to Know This?

A restatement of the reason why other people would be interesting in the video. I know why I want to do it however the video will be watched by other viewers. What benefit will they get from the video?

My Storyboard

Title Card – Intro Fannie Lou Hamer speaking before Congress Comment About Black Women
Fade Into Comment Card Ignorant Comment Card
Cut to Congress Fannie – Congress
Transition Image 3 Fannie – Speaking
Transition Image 4 Fannie – Sad
Transition Image 5 Fannie – Older
Title Card – Fannie 1964 Fannie 1964
Title Card – Know Your History Know Your History
Title Card – Stop the Verbal Violence Against Women Stop the Verbal Violence Against Women
Closing Credit PSA…

I made this in 2009. I should try again because I didn’t leave enough time for the reading of the card and I would like to have a better mix of text to images.

You do, you learn and then you do some more. But without this really simple outline I might not have gotten as far as I did.

This is my storyboard; it could be much better by adding start and stop times and making decisions about removing photos to strengthen the point.

In the other hand Mrs. Hamer was a very powerful speaker. Nothing I could do can draw attention away from her voice.  A great lady.

It doesn’t have to be complicated but if you want to get a message or idea across you might need to plan it out.

This is just my two cents on the matter.

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