Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Playing With Type - First Steps

The cool kids are going to town with kinetic typography. Kinectic typography tells a story with words or can re-enforce the power of spoken words and music.  I feel like the unworthy when I view some of the animations being done with Adobe After Effects.

I'd love to give it a go but one thing is stopping me. $990.

I purchase software. I just do not purchase software that cost enough toward a down payment on a car.

The software is certainly worth it. Plus the add-ins and doodads. I'm misting up just thinking about it.  This is an example of kinetic typography using the famous speech from the movie Network. The video was created by Geek180.

Adobe After Effects make it easier to create motion graphics and kinetic typography. It isn't the only way. Okay, yes it is if you are a professional motion videographer or in the business.

But for the rest of us that want to experiment and push what we can afford a bit farther maybe there are other ways to create kinectic type videos.

Searching The Old Kit Bag

Off the top of my head I can think of a few software programs to play with as a starting point.

One of them is Swish Max2. This is (or was, they are up to version 4 by now) a program that makes it easy to create flash animations. Now I don't want to create flash animations but the program also exports animations out to an .avi file.

So that is what I'll be up to for the next couple of posts.

Now creating type videos might not be your thing. I understand. But the basic skills of working with type in video are the same for most other kinds of videos. 

In addition, a motion typography clip can work well as a transition or a bridge from one video to another.

It is all how you look at it.  In the meantime if you want to spark up some ideas on using type in movies and videos I have a possible starting point for your. Smashing Magazine has a good post on The Art of the Film Title Design Throughout Cinema History.

It is very visual and you can get a lot of good ideas just from observing how it was done in the past.

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