Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kodak Ending Still and Video Camera Business

A few posts ago I wrote abut the Kodak Playful Zi12 Dual Camera. Never for one moment I could imagine that Kodak would close their signature and iconic business. 

Since 1888 Kodak made cameras for consumers, families, hobbyists and those of us that could not spend $$$$ but wanted to document our lives. It was the social media of its time.

Sigh. You know, I get that this and other companies want to focus on consumables. Like HP, Kodak will put attention to their printer business meaning selling ink, papers and print hardware. Maybe that was the problem. When corporations focus too much on what they want to sell as opposed to what consumers need or want to buy there is going to be a disconnect.

There was no reason that Kodak couldn’t have partnered with a computer/tablet company to improve the optics in mobile devices. Maybe they did. Never heard anything about them reaching out to expand their brand.

There was opportunities for Kodak to introduce their Zi6, Zi8 and Zi12 video cameras to journalists and other people that have a need for portable quality audio/video recording. Niche markets have money too.

I have questions. Like are they prepared to print with Android, iPad and Windows tablets?  Not even sure they have thought that far. A thought for another place and time.

Anyway, Kodak will honor all warranties with their camera products. I would expect the fire sale to commence in the next few weeks or so. 

Mac users might want to stock up because Kodak was one of the few camera manufactures that consistently used the MOV video format. I know how some of you hate with a passion AVCHD so, yeah if you want to go for it keep a look out for the Zi12.

They have to finish current production with manufactures so this is going to take time.
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