Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Look At the Clap Mini USB Camera

There is small and then there is too dang small. This is one of the smallest consumer camera/camcorder I have ever seen. It is currently only in Asia but some knock off master is going to bring them stateside eventually.

I saw video this in my Google Plus stream that lead me to the NextNewWeb site and I still don't believe it.  I believe the camera is real but, wow, it is really... well, see for yourself:

The web site where these can be found is called Superheads and you can get more information about the device. Here are some specs about the camera:
  • Lens: F2.8 = 3.2mm
  • ISO 100, in other words you will be shooting outdoors.
  • Video 720x480 at 30fps recording in .AVI
  • Photo 1280x1024 JPG
  • Records to MicroSD card
  • Charges via USB port
Dang. I can see them being used for good and for evil.  Wait, I'm not supposed to affirm the evil.

Yes, for good, definitely, for good.

For outside video only, I'm guessing there is no way you can have audio in something that small, compatible with Mac, Linux and PC and other operating systems this do-dad has possibilities.

I just know that I would lose it like I loose ink pens.

And I do that a lot.

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