Friday, February 3, 2012

Quick Look at Toshiba Thrive Video Capture

I can't turn my head and not see someone tooting up that a tablet has a feature to beat the band. I can fight it no longer.

There are people using the video camera features on Tablets for practical and, I hope, impractical purposes. This is first of a few posts about the video recording features of some of the tablets available for purchase.

My reasons for doing this is that there are people that want to make use of the video recording features. Some of them are educators. Some of them are in business. Some are just curious.

The other reason is that many people are watching videos on those devices. We should know what those devices can do and how to incorporate them into recording sessions.

Now let me be honest. I do not have a tablet. I'm working on it but the realities of life prevent me from purchasing as much as my hearts desires. My Sugar Daddy has yet to stroll by and say howdy. The only thing I can do is look a the specs and start to build a profile of what the tablets can and can't do.

Specs can give you a lot of information but it is not the same as holding that wedge of glass/plastic in your hand. I know that but you gotta start somewhere.

Toshiba Thrive 10" 16GB Android Tablet Video Specs

The Thrive is running on Android 3.1 aks Honeycomb.

It has a front facing 2.0MP web cam on the front that can be used for video chats and traditional web cam activities. There seems to issues with Skype so I wouldn't count on accessing that program anytime soon on the tablet. You would have access to a number of video chat app from the Android store.

The 5.0MP camera on the back of the device.records in 720p high definition video. You will have the Camera App that you will use for recording. You get auto focus but no optical zoom.

This is a test video from JoeRnCT using the 5.0 camera:

No stabilization other than your own two hands to hold it steady. The Thrive is a hefty bit of kit so this really might be an issue if you are going to use this to record a lot of video.

Being hefty is not a bad thing. Because of its size it does can have a full SD slot; that will make it so much easier to transfer videos from the device to your computer.

It also has full size USB and HDMI ports so that you can use what you have to transfer data from the computer or to your HD television set.

You Don't Have to Pay Retail

I am seeing the early versions of the 16GB Thrive on Amazon and some of the legitimate shopping sites selling at around the $280 level. If I had disposable income I'd give it serious consideration.

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