Sunday, May 20, 2012

How 5-Shot Method Helped Me Make A Editing List

I understand the concepts about Michael Rosenbaum's 5-Shot method and want to put them to use for event videos.You can check out more info about Michael at his NYVS site or the YouTube channel.

He is legit and I have no financial interest in his company. Might be a student one day but the 5-Shot method is all over the joint on the Internet. All current sources point back to Rosenbaum as the creator/codifier.

As a refresher, the 5-Shot method is:
  • A close-up shot of the hands
  • A close-up shot of the face
  • A wide shot
  • An over the shoulder shot
  • A unusual or alternative view of the subject.
What if you have a bunch of videos and photos on your hard drive that you want to work with but can’t seem to whip up a video? (More to do with time constraints than lack of desire.)

Analog EDL

Back in the analog days of film and linear video there was and is a concept called an editing decision list or EDL.

The first stage is to review all of your content and log it down. Then you go back and write down the start and stopping point of the video clips that you want in your production. That is your edit decision list.

You then went back a third time actually get the video to make a rough edit. Then you modified and worked on it to get the final edit.


Now with non-linear editing you can bypass a lot of that work; just grab what you want and get busy with it. Yet, I’m thinking that if we do a modified version of an EDL it could be of help to the time and equipment challenged person.

Close-Up Hands 106-0014
3:32 Girl write
Close Up Face 106-0013 Music
Wide Shot 106-0010
Over the Shoulder 106-0029 Music 4:09 little boy
Unusual/Alternative Photos Music The Banner

On that first run through I could focus on just looking for hands or what I need. I jot down the start points of those clips I really want to pay attention to for the video.

If the first clip doesn’t have what I need I can go on to the second clip.  I had about 10 short videos and I found what I wanted in about five of the clips.

I was able to compose my video on paper in about 20 minutes. I know what to do and roughly how it is going to look.  This is the rough edit inspired version:

Remember, this is after recording the event and I'm trying to match to fit. Still, it went a lot quicker than my normal process.

I like that. Well, I like that it went quickly. It isn't a good story video about the festival. I'm going to do a little tinkering and see if I can still use the method in better service of telling the story.

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