Monday, May 14, 2012

YouTube Partner Support Tutorials

If you don't know but YouTube is moving toward a cable-ish production/distribution model I don't know you could have missed it. They want better content and production values from the members.

The site has and continues to have various ways to get the quality of the videos up to snuff. Why? Because everybody's broadcast, cable and independent distribution company is looking at the future.

That future includes Internet distributed content that will be displayed on high definition televisions and mobile devices. There is money blowing innovation but only those that are ready will capture it.

Via the Google Hangouts page; there are tutorial sessions. You might want to check in from time to time to see what they have going on.

The video below, if it hasn't popped out of existence, is about Importing and Exporting video to the channel.

Not all of us can make it to a Google hangout. You can also visit the Partner Support channel and look at recordings of the presentations.

The videos can run long so make time if you want to see it. There are other videos that are shorter and more task focused. There is some good stuff to review.

And one more thing.

I gotta stop reading the YouTube comments. There are people who comment that make a door knob look brilliant.

These videos are hangout recordings. No editing, no cutting out the boring parts. You will see them as presented. There are people cackling about how the need to be trimmed or prettied up.

The video is being recorded as a real time presentation. I'm wondering about the decrease in critical thinking skills. If you think the topic will interest you watch. If you get bored, stop.

Too hip, gotta go.

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