Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Bread Narrative CVNB Weekend Project 3

The weekend is almost over you say. Tosh! You got a whole day. This won’t take long. Everybody has a story or two in them. Now I could say pick a story from your life and tell it.

Yes,  I could do that. But that isn’t the project.

The project this week is that you need to tell a short story about bread. Not bread as in money. Bread as in the stuff you eat.

Hear me out. Bread means different things to various cultures. In the culture that I was raised  I was told on an hourly basis that Wonder Bread is the only bread to be consumed. Sunbeam bread as a runner up. In-between my daily dose of Hulk smash and Spidey sensing was a Wonder Bread commercial.

We didn’t know about homemade breads or “real bread.” Cornbread, ok yes but you typically didn’t make a ham and cornbread sandwich. Not really the same thing.

So yeah, I could do a piece on consumer culture, indoctrination, or discovering the joy of Black Russian Rye bread.

It can be a first person narrative. It could be an exploration of the bread you have eaten or your first encounter with a pita, naan or fry bread. It could be a slide show of your favorite bread experiences.

Elements in Your Video
Title, doesn't have to be at the beginning.
Video no more than three minutes, less it you can tell the tale. 
Closing credits. If you use music please use public domain, Creative Commons or the music that came with your video editing software. Corel VideoStudio users know what I am talking about.
Inspiration Videos

What kind of story can you tell about bread? Check out the videos below.

  • Sourdough Bread Making in Lyon, Paris
  • Cooked Bread via Cooking with Clara. You get a two-fer with this video. She talks about her work experience in the depression and she shows you what to with hard stale bread.
  • David Mitchell’s Soapbox on Bread and Butter.
  • Bread, Not Bombs video of a tank covered in Bread at the G-20 Summit from NKT Kenya

Each one of these videos has bread as the subject but they are handled in very different ways.  How you choose to proceed is up to you.

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