Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Experience wiht YouTube's Light Correcting Filter

Many of the videos that I record at conventions have bad lighting. It can be dim in the room or a mixture of light or I'm too far away from a light source. Short of taking a lighting kit with me I deal with it as best I can.

So this a video that I recorded last year at BlogHer 2011 that I found in my ever growing Review folder.  This is an screen capture of a video before I uploaded to YouTube:

This was at the end of the day with my old Sanyo Xacti C40 standard def camcorder. All of the other camcorders were drained out of power. Dark curtains, flat overhead lighting and this is the kind of video you are gonna get.

When I uploaded to the service I was asked if I wanted to improve the video. I clicked yes because experience is the best teacher. This is the video that was corrected with some type of under exposure filter:

Eh, yeah. Actually it get a little better into the body of the video but as you can see is blew out the light on the first and third speakers faces. The second speaker has light burst that appear on her cheek and forehead.

Now I did have the option to reject this correction. If I was thinking with half a lobe I should have grabbed a screen shot of the "correction" and let the original video stand.

Where is the adventure in that?

In any case, an algorithm is not a human being. Dark curtains, different skin tones and dicey lighting are tough on humans to correct. Allowing  a bit of software to make the corrections is a little futuristic.

We are not their yet.

So the lesson learned is that you are the best person to decide if a video needs correcting. It is going to happen that automatic light correction will be a viable feature. But not any time soon.

In the meantime, do it yourself.

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