Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finding Inspiration In Tom Waits Video Hell Broke Luce

I try to keep an eye on this man. His music touches me in spaces I don't always remember that I have. His clips of performances just stun me and his intentional music videos ain't bad either.

I want to call attention to the just released music video, Hell Broke Luce from his album, Bad As Me:

The video was directed by Matt Mahurin. I wanted to know more about how he did it so I went looking for more info. This lead me to discover The Golden Age of Music Video blog's interview with Matt Mahurin. I know I'm gonna lose a few hours at that site.

When possible, go to the source. His website has his illustration, photography and video work. The man could make you feel like a time waster sucking up air. 

Mahurin directed the Red Rain video that I found at Peter Gabriel's web site. I've never seen it so after work I'll be diving in. His Wikipedia page shows just how many things he has done in his career.

My take away from scouting this guy? Learn as much as possible in various areas. That may seem like an overwhelming statement but it is true. Cleaving to rote thinking and doing is killing creativity.

Don't be afraid of making the leap.

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