Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ze Frank Interview From PressPausePlay

Ze Frank is an inspiration to me. A long time ago I saw his "Learn to Dance" video. I waited the 10 minutes it took to download the video and then laughed. Hard. I needed a good laugh at the time and there it was in 320x240 Quicktime format.

This was almost before blog. There was not podcasting as we currently understand it. You had to work on finding alternative content. There was no commenting system other than sending an e-mail message.

Currently Ze and the community are working on A Show with Ze Frank. The video below is an 2011 interview with Ze Frank from PressPausePlay

Love black and white videos. Like coming home to the familiar. There is an intimacy that allows for slow, connected thinking.

One of the things that I want to do with this blog is to make it more holistic about not only what you can do with web video but to look at the innovators, pathfinders and those people that don't necessarily want to regurgitate traditional television.

I still don't have a proper grip on how to do combine the technical with the aesthetic but I' am failing upward. Ze would back me up on consistent failing until you get it right.

Ze Frank was not the first to try new things with web video but he keeps trying different things and is willing to engage his audience. We are not just consumers; we can be collaborators.

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