Thursday, August 30, 2012

Video Tips from ReelSEO Video Channel

ReelSEO has been doing legitimate reporting on the growing web video industry. Their focus is tracking the use of web video for business, how to improve viewership and looking at skills and tools for video to increase the amount of dollars in wallets and purses.

One place folks should check out is the video production page. It is designed to help their readers get a grip on the industry. And make no mistake, web video is becoming something separate from the broadcast/cable television industry.

Although why major players are trying to mimic parts of old school television is baffling to me.

A rant for another time. Moving on, this is a good video explanation of why some of you need to cut back on the Matrix effects in your videos. This is a video tip from Stephen Schweickart on the Simple Edit:

I like that there is clarity, humor and instructions that the viewer can see demonstrated a couple of times. I also viewed the videos on Color Temperature and the Vidddy Mobile App.

The Color Temperature one was very helpful. I'm gonna have to back track on some recent videos to redeem them. Have to say, it is worth the time to pull up a chair and take notes.

You can view the series on the ReelSEO YouTube channel or you can visit the video production page.

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