Tuesday, September 25, 2012

EditShare's Lightworks Tutorial Resources

EditShare's Lightworks is a a professional level video editing program. I can't begin to list the features this baby has compared to an entry level consumer video editing software.  That is an important distinction.

There is free as in Windows Movie Maker and there is the free Lightworks version.  This software is more in the class of Adobe Premier, Avid, Final Cut Pro 7, that neighborhood.

There are kind people in the neighborhood who are making it easier to learn and understand the software.

Shaun aka Shaunthesheep has a slow, deliciously informative video for those people wanting to transition from a basic video editing program to Lightsworks. You can find his tutorial videos on his YouTube page or at the Lightworks forum page.

You also want to romp around the Downloads page for the Quick Start Guide, User Manual and Hints and Tips by users guide.

Peter Bridgman has 10 tutorial videos to help you get a grip on using the program.

This is the first in the series that is located on the Tutorial page of the site.

Before you download it is important to understand that there limits to certain features in the free program. You have got to read the Compare Versions chart to see if you can live with those limitation.

It might be worth $60 a year for the full version. Or you could work in the freebie version, export the video and use another program to generate the video in the format you need.

Up to you.

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