Monday, September 17, 2012

Ze Frank Hooks Up with BuzzFeed as VP

Ze Frank is now the vice president of video at BuzzFeed. He will be creating content like the video below to the slide and listical social media site. Not a typo, a listical is a type of blog post where you point folks to a list of items that are grouped under a subject or theme.

This is a video example of when it is done well.This is Ze's video on How to Restore Your Faith in Humanity.

Digging further into the details, BuzzFeed has purchased Ze Frank Games which probably includes some of the intellectual properties Ze has created over the years. There will be the amping up of the studio in Los Angeles to support the BuzzFeed site.

As usual, I have questions. BuzzFeed uses a lot of media created by other people. They call themselves a news site. Not saying they are or are not but this ain't your pappy's Herald Tribune. They specifically state that they want to create "viral content."

Ze creates re-mixes as well but his re-mixes are creative, innovative and sometimes on the verge of visual poetry.

Can this be done on a daily or weekly basis without burnout? I don't know. Is somebody gonna hit one or the other with a copyright or DCMA notice? Possible. Unless they are moving to creating totally new and original content.

I have stated my opinion of people trying to make viral content as opposed to making good content that could go viral. Viral is an infection that will die and take others with them. Good content is a connection shared willingly among other people.

For the time being, A Show with Ze Frank is going to continue.

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