Monday, October 1, 2012

CicLAvia Is Rolling Around Again – Bring Camera

CicLAvia Is Rolling Around again. I copied the name from the site to make sure I spell it consistently. Here in Los Angeles we have a day where we shut down the cars and let the bike freak flag wave high. It is going to be this Sunday, October 7 from 10 to 3pm.

It is a lot of fun to ride in CicLaVia but to photograph and record is even better. The laughter. The looks of pissed off drivers trying to go the wrong way. The hidden contradictions that pop out at you when you are on street level.

Don’t take my word for it, let Tawny school you up on it.

If you can’t find 30 seconds of a story here you need to hang it up and breath. Lots of fun, good walking, documentary opportunities all over the joint. Not to mention the bacon wrapped hot dogs with grilled onions and jalapeno peppers.

Oh, the dude with the bicycle cranked ice cream with mango chili vanilla I will be looking for you. That was so good.

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