Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creating Text Video ID Bug with Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

So you have decided that adding a video watermark or Video ID bug is a good idea. It can be for specific types of videos. The video editing software that you are using could have the capability of making a simple text Video ID bug.  I got one word for you, Titles.

In this example, I’m using Corel VideoStudio Pro X5. Your software might have similar features or uses another approach. I’m trying to demonstrate a concept more than a strict how to do it.

I am using the Timeline mode in the program. I've added a motion background video supplied in the program to the video track to make it easier to see the process.

The next step is to use the Title feature. In the example below, I've types my text and moved it to the lower right corner of the screen. The rectangular box is a visual reference to the title safe area. You want to stay within that rectangle.

In Corel Pro X5 there is a specific Title track. Now I could leave text that way however Video ID bugs should be visible but not really interfere with viewing the content. I need to make the text transparent.

On the right side of the screen is the Title panel. The animations presets can help you to make stylized titles. Below that area are two tabs, Edit and Animation.

You will want click the Edit tab.

The Edit tab allows you to change the font, the size and other attributes of the title. There is an Background/Shadow/Transparency attribute. Click that rascal.

The attribute window will appear. You click the transparency box to create a transparent or "jelly" Video ID bug. You can add a shadow effect or change the line color but this will do for now. Click the OK button to accept the changes.

That is it. You can return to the Timeline to add effects like transitions, extend or shorten the time the Video ID bug appears on the screen or continue to edit your video.

Bone easy to do this in Corel VideoStudio Pro X5. The software you use may or may not be as easy to do the same effect. In some editing programs there are more steps but more option for customization.

In other video editing programs, well it makes me think of that song, "It's Crying Time Again."

Like I said, I'm going for concept. There were a few minor hick-ups.  I wanted to add a symbol. Couldn't do it from the keyboard. I could add symbols via the fonts Wingding and Webdings. I would have to spend time finding the symbol I wanted and the letter associated with it.

I needed an apostrophe. What I got is a degree mark. I probably would have to dive into the fonts provided to see if one had the correct punctuation mark. Or find another way to get that apostrophe.

Now you might not think it is a big deal. I have to tell you, there are grammar police everywhere. Many of them have access to e-mail.

 My point is that you don't want to provide a distraction. Be aware of those things that would cause your viewers to go "Hun?"

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