Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Glossary - Video Identification Logo or Bug

We have all seen the transparent logo of a broadcast or cable stations in the lower right corner of a television screen. They came into being when broadcast television, cable and satellite programing created a massive amount of content for users. Some bright person came up with the id of adding a image for all of their programing. Others copied it and here we are.

A video logo or bug is a graphic that appears on the screen to mark or identify a particular television channels, cable station or now days, a video that appears on the Internet. Some folks user the term watermark; conceptually they are correct but watermark is traditionally associated with print media.

I don't know why the industry calls it a bug; haven't found an authoritative history of name. I'll pop it in when I do find it.

I know that if I see an ESPN logo in the corner I am free to move on down the road. No offense to ESPN, some of you feel the same way about the History channel.

But we are web video people. What has an identification bug got to do with our world? Well, if you are doing a regular program or video project it could be very important.

It is a way of branding your video to show who created the this video. You video can pop up halfway around the world. The user might want more you your work. A ID bug can help to lead folks back to your blog or web site.

There are all kinds of options to make a simple video logo bug:

  • Text
  • Transparent logo or symbol
  • Animated or motion graphics (Ok, not simple but an option.)

Along with the options come choices; a static persistent ID bug or one that appear x amount of times in the video? Transparent or color?

The good news is that you probably have what you need to make a simple video logo bug on you system. Upcoming posts will point out some examples of how to do that with the software you have on your computer. 

I think the first question you need to ask yourself is "Do you really need to use an ID bug at all?"

Well, if you are doing a web series or some kind of on-going production I think the answer could be  yes. If you are using video to drive traffic to your business that is another vote up for its use.

A creative, artistic video? No so much. However, I have seen ID bugs on museum and gallery web site videos.

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