Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glossary - Camera Shots

When you are recording video you should try to have has many shot options as you can. Easy to say, but once you are in a recording situation you can forget to have coverage.

Coverage in this case means having an alternative video shot to or segment of a recording you could plug in as a replacement or creative choice.

One of the ways you can increase those options is record different types of shots. We know them when we see them after a lifetime of watching films and television.

This are their names and style formats; or a close to it as I could get.

Long Shot or Wide Shot

Establishing Shot

A Medium Shot

A Close Up

An Extreme Close Up

A Detailed Cut-Away

Long after Halloween this guy will stick in your mind as a reminder that the more recording shot options you have the more options you'll have to craft a better video.

Each shot has an energy that it transmits to the audience about where they are, what is being experience and in some cases, what is not being seen.

There are whole books written about getting the shots right. Part of it is planning.

Taking time to record a bit of the environment before the main action kicks in.  Record a bit of room sound and possible cut away shots.

It is a process. It takes practice but it is doable.

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