Monday, November 19, 2012

HTML Video Creation Software Sightings

It is finally beginning. I've seen two different applications to make it easy (so they say) to make HTML video and on-line video interactive storytelling.

Mozilla Popcorn Maker is now up and running with version 1.0; this web application allows you to re-mix audio, video and web pages. It is a re-mix tool. But is it a whole lot more. This is an example of a radio report by Radio Rookies combined with maps, text, animation and photos.

If you can't see the video below it you might have to update your browser or use Firefox. 

Mozilla Popcorn Maker uses a combination of HTML, Javascript and CSS to make the new visual experience. You don't need to know any code. It is a drag and drop experience.

Think of it as a modern version of old school Aldus Pagemaker. You assemble your elements and combine them on the screen. Once completed you have a new visual experience.

This things has profound implications. The good kind. The creative kind. There is no cost to use the software. It will charge up a number of imaginations. That is always a good thing.

The other gizmo I've seen is called FlixMaster.

What FlixMaster can do it allow you to create hyperlink on-line video branching, gaming, education modules, narrative storytelling, add-on to an existing television show or future sucky advertising.

You can learn more about it on the web site. It is not free. The pricing is going to be a barrier for individuals and educators.  Once it gets up to speed that can change but folks should check it out.

Not really for casual users but again, if you open up to the possibilities this could be disruptive. The combination of video inside of e-books is going to accelerate. Maybe some form of this would be used when you are using your television as a classroom and you want more details on a topic.

Anyway, just want to give you a head's up about it.

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