Wednesday, November 28, 2012

YouTube Space Opens in Los Angeles

If you are a serious or want to be serious YouTube content provider then you are about to fan yourself. There is a new production studio in the Playa Vista area of Los Angeles.  I'm talking 41,000 square feet of commitment and cash money on the barrel head of "Let's do this."

YouTube Space Los Angeles

This is serious business, with editing bays, equipment, studios, help and support. It is free but not anybody can stroll in the door.

You have to apply, be selected and become a member of the Partner program. If you can prove you got the chops you get to romp around the studio.

Another way you can gain entry into the production studio is by attending events, workshops and classes that will be held at the facility. Those types of events will be open to the general YouTube community and other folks.

For more information visit the YouTube Space LA page.

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