Monday, December 17, 2012

One In 8 Million - NYT Slide Stories

I try not to discriminate where an inspiration comes from. It can come from anywhere or any person. The trick is to be receptive. Many of us are not receptive any more. We consume. There is a difference.

If you are in consumption mode you want the hit, the tickle,"the do it for me." Nothing wrong with that; it is human nature. There are plenty of people that want to give you a quick hit for a chance to get a subscriber or ad viewer.

NYT One in 8 Million

Being receptive means that you choose to connect with another person or video. There is time to savor and to reflect. Not just of the story being presented but to look at the technique of constructing the story.

The New York Times has various photo/audio slide shows on their web site. This specific series is called One In 8 Million where reporters and photojournalists seek out the story in a population of 8+ million people. This specific series seems to be from 2009 but the stories are timeless.

The take away of viewing these stories is to look at the lighting, the composition of the photos and the audio that is perfectly matched to the images.

What can be adapted to video? Is there another way to tell a personal narrative story?

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