Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Look at Reuters The Wider Image App

With the demise of Newsweek as a print publication you have to wonder does any of the major news and companies have a clue about transitioning content to media devices?

The answer is yes, of course some newspapers and print publications do understand that they have to make that move. The kicker is implementation. Reuters has a new app for the iPad.

It is called The Wider Image and it is a download at the Apple Apps store. This will be an advertiser supported app. You as the consumer will get to see great photography, video storytelling and documentary content.

You will also experience advertising; although I'm not sure what you can sell or promote during a civil unrest.

I'm paying attention to this because this is a way for Reuters to re purpose content. Hopefully it is a way to financial compensate professional photographers and video journalists.  But more than that, it is an observation of the on-going transition of visual media to the mobile platform.

Is this the way to go? Not sure.

Is this something that can be re-interpreted and expressed via other topics? Like you love motorcycle history and you want to document it?

Possible. Very possible.

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