Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick Look at EasyBreak Converter

I haven't written about video converters in a while. The reason being is that if you have a modern video editing software you probably don't need to fool with searching for a decent conversion software. Another factor is that many of the camcorders out in the marketplace now record in some variant of .mp4 so that should take the heat out of bring a video into most software.

I also know that there are a bunch of us that have camcorders that don't record in .mp4. We are those that own darlings that record in .mod, .tod. .mt2 and god knows what.

Again, most modern editing software now accommodates various video file formats. Your solution might be to pony up money for an entry level editing software.

Yeah, I know. It is a money thing. For some of you it is tap city. You don't have it.

Finding a good converter is tricky; you want to stay away from the scam vendors and those people that trick you into purchasing software that does a crappy job.

I'm sticking with recommending MPEG Streamclip, Handbreak and Microplant Adapter as safe products to use if you really can't get your camcorder and editing software to come to a truce.

Having said that, there is a new overlay for Handbreak that might be worth checking out. It is called EasyBreak Converter and it is for Windows users.

From my understanding, Handbreak is used as the foundation software and this is a user friendly interface. You can import a wide variety of videos to convert but you are limited to two file types for export, .MKV and .MP4

Seems simple enough, you drag the video on to the left side of the screen, set your export options and your are done.

I have some old school media players that record in funky video formats. I could see whipping out something like this to restore usefulness but for videos that need to be edited I'd need to see a couple of test videos to ensure this is the real deal.

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