Friday, December 28, 2012

The Weekly Flickr Video Series

Okay, Yahoo's The Weekly Flickr Video has two videos at the time of this post but Flickr seems to want to engage folks again after a long disconnect with users.

The Weekly Flickr talks to and displays the work of photographers using Flickr to display their images. This is a video that they did on Kyle Thompson.

Yahoo Video on Kyle Thompson
(I originally had posted the video but discovered that it starts automatically. And loud. So you can visit the blog post instead. It is a good video.)

Call it an essay, a brief bio video, storytelling or what have you but this is kinda one of those multilevel learning experiences. This is just a few of the things I got from the video:

Kyle knew nothing about photography and challenged himself to learn and do. His goal was to take 365 photos; along the way something happened.

He developed a Flickr community to support his work, which is hard when a lot of people moved away from Flickr to other supportive sites like 500px.

The Yahoo team is wisely trying to reconnect with the Flickr community and beyond. That three months of a free Pro account holiday gift didn't hurt but if they continue to come back to social media there might be new avenues for distribution. Might even want to think about bumping up that 90 seconds video limitation.

A little reverse engineering of how they created the above video is never a waste of time for those that want to learn to do it better. I will be spending time in observation mode.

My understanding is that the videos are posted to the Flickr Blog on Fridays as well as on the Yahoo Studios web site. Which I didn't even know they had. A post for another time. 

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