Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vocativ Video on Smartphone Recording

The number of people using smartphone to record video is growing. Slowly there are device specific recording techniques that can help you steady the shot and capture quality video.

Vocativ is a new kind of news site that will come out of Beta soon. My understanding is that it will be a combination of journalism that will tap into data and social media sources to assemble a more complete story.

One of the things that Vocativ wants to encourage more citizen journalism recording.

This is a video from their community site that gives doable techniques to record a public protest or a community peace out.

Kinda re-enforces what I have been saying:

  1. Have a plan when you go out to record.
  2. Snag a variety of shots.
  3. Make sure the audio is tight.
  4. Make extra sure you are safe, especially around those folks wearing blue and carry a baton or tazer.
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