Sunday, January 27, 2013

Then Came Vine - Twitter Video for iOS

Once upon a time there was a service that recorded 12 second of videos for sharing. It is long gone: however there is a new kid on the block called Vine. It is owned by Twitter and the fruit of the Vine is starting to pop up all over the joint.

This is one of the first creative videos from Vine by Daniel Liss. Click on the video to start it. The sound is turned off; click the sound icon to hear the environment of the video.

Vine gives iOs folks the ability to record six seconds of video and then upload to Twitter. You can share with your Twitter folks. Facebook seems to be questionable; first you can, then you can't but then you can/can't/?

Vine videos are public, meaning if you are doing something that you shouldn't doing then think twice about uploading.  Currently there is no way to limit views to specific people. There isn't much of it but you can read the Vine Video Help page.

What is Vine Video Good For? 

I have an example. Perhaps you observe a not exactly legal action of a few members of your local law enforcement department. You hit record. The video could be posted before they try to snatch your iPhone.

Yes. Doesn't mean that you aren't gonna get hassled. Let's say it is a form of truth insurance.

It can be used for truly spot news, a brief moment in time or, like Daniel, a way to take your creativity out for a walk.

Or you could construct a minute video six seconds at a time. Hmm. I see a thousand possibilities.

It can be used for good or for not so good. Sadly, the not so good is coming too but this is a day to look at the new app and say, wow.

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