Wednesday, December 19, 2012

YouTube Capture App - Social Record and Share It Now

Well the end may not be in sight but change, oh my the changes are coming. If you have a iPhone or iPod Touch this could make you very happy.

This is the scenario. You see a video recordable moment, you pull out the phone, open the YouTube Capture App and record.

When you finish you upload directly to YouTube and your social media accounts.

Dig the video:

You can tweak the video, color correct or do what you want before uploading. We are talking simultaneous uploading to Twitter, Google+ or whatever you are into. And if you are into privacy you can set the video to be private so that you can work on it later.

Sorry Andriodians, we will have to wait for our change to come. Verily we know about the wait but dang.

It is just not fair.

Oh, yeah. It is a free app.

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