Friday, September 7, 2012

In Search of Android Tablet Cameras Specs

The Android tablet market is complicated. You have knock-off vendors from Asia with dicey quality  tablets. There are certain vendors that have no fear about placing an Android 4.0 OS designed for a phone and slapping it in a tablet and forking it up for sale.

You have consumption tablet devices that are not really made for productivity. You also have tables that allow you to create and do what ever your heart desires.

In other words, it is like playing craps. To reduce, but not eliminate, the possibility of snake eyes stick with known vendors.

To be clear, I am only looking at the cameras and recording abilities of these tablets. There are other far more important items to consider before purchasing a device. However if you want to record video using a Android tablet this is a quick way to get a sense of what is in the bushes.

Consumption Tablet Devices with Cameras

The following examples can be used for web chats, calls, hangouts. Skype seems to be an issue on Android phones and tablets so don’t count on it. You might have to swing over to Google Voice

Pandigital SuperNova Android Tablet
  • Android 2.3
  • Front Camera 0.3MP VGA
  • Rear Camera 3.0MP
  • Microphone, type unknown
Acer Iconia A500
  • Android 3.1
  • Front Camera 2.0MP
  • Rear Camera 5.0MP with Auto Focus
Google Nexus 7 by Asus
  • Android 4.1
  • Front Camera 1.2MP
  • Rear Camera None
  • Microphone, type unknown.
Production Tablet Devices with Cameras

Motorola Xoom
  • Android 3.0
  • Front Camera 2.0MP
  • Rear Camera 5.0MP with LED Flash
  • Video Capture 720p
Dell Streak 7
  • Android 3.2
  • Front Camera 1.3MP
  • Rear Camera 5.0MP with LED Flash

Asus Transformer Infinity
  • Android 4.0
  • Rear Camera 8.0MP with LED Flash
  • Video Capture 1080p
  • Combo Audio Jack (Headphones/Mic)

The specs are all over the joint. Unlike computers or cameras. the tablet specifications are not as standardized as you would hope. Consumers have said they want to buy a tablet with a camera. Some toss it in as an afterthought while others make it the real deal.

The Android tablet world is a place you check out with caution. Do not let advertising copy be your only guide.  There are a lot of tablets that are heading into the overstock purchasing chain. You might find a deal with one of those vendors, if you do your homework. That deal may involve buying a refurbished tablet. 

There are some risks.

If you want to buying a new tablet you want stick with the known players.  I would say read a lot of reviews, particularly from the various Android blogs and fan boy community forums.

This research took about four hours. Not every vendor has full tablet specs on their web page. Those that have specs do not necessarily give complete information about the product. It took far longer than it should have. For those tablets that had minimal or no information I turned to, and other online vendors to compare product specification.

The Asus Transform Infinity Specification page was a very rare exception. I think they truly want to sell their product, not just have a product for sale. It sure is a pretty bit of kit but it cost some serious cash money. But for HD video recording it might be worth it.

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