Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Backgrounds for Creating Simple Channel Art Part 3

One of the first things your will need is a background image.of 2120 x 1193. I’m thinking that a widescreen wallpaper type image would be a quick start to building your channel art.

There are safe and legal places to find background art but it is a pickle to find those places. A sour pickle. Many of the so-called free background and wallpaper sites state that they have free content but I saw a lot of copyright images that I am sure that the original owner does not know about.

There are predator freebie sites. There was one site that when I clicked on a button to change the size of the image took me to another screen and tried to get me to click a dodgy button to fix my Flash settings.

Ah, no. Not going to happen. Below are some of the places you can visit to find the foundation or background image for your channel. These are idea generator type sites to consider.

Photo © European Space Agency - Hubble Telescope

European Space Agency – Hubble Telescope
There are over a thousand space images that are free for personal or commercial use. All they ask is that you have a clear copyright attribution either on the image or some place prominent for others to see where the image came from.

After you locate an image you click the image to go to the information page. In the lower right corner are the various formats and sizes you can download; for newbies I would suggest downloading the as close as you can get to 2120 x 1193 wallpaper sized image. You can crop or re-size the image later. Backgrounds
There are plenty of them, abstracts, texture and geometrics. Most are in the 4:3 aspect ratio and the pixel sizes varies from image to image. You are free to use the image but you can’t re-purpose it for profit, i.e. make logos, bags or buttons for sale nor can you use the images for salacious content.

I would suggest that you avoid using images with identifiable people or any trademark imagies that might appear in an image. In other words Freepixel places you on the hook for responsible usage.

Morgue File
This site has a mixture of people, landscapes and artistic imagery. For the free images stick with the Morgue file tab. Content is free to use for personal and commercial use however the original creator still owns the copyright of the image. Attribution is encourage.

The images may or not be in the widescreen 16:9 format, you might have to crop or adjust the images.
Pick a color, any color and that will lead you to the photos that match that color. It is a small collection compared to the others but you can do what you like with the photos and images according to the FAQ

Like I said, these are idea generators. The backgrounds I selected might be too intense or not appropriate. You like a section of one image but not the whole thing. Then again, maybe you have found the one photo that represents your channel.

 But what if none of the above floats your boat?

Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back…

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