Monday, March 4, 2013

Researching Free Video Editing Software 2013 - Part 2 The Departed

Part of the challenge of locating decent software is that there are a lot of old products and services that have crash and burned,changed focus or were purchased out of existence. Adding to the problem is that old reviews and blog pages are still active.

Software isn't an evergreen type of product or service. If the page you landed on recommends any of these applications then you know you landed on a old or historical page.

Another thing to be aware of is you might see a current link from what appears to be a software download place; be extremely careful about clicking that link. It can lead you to maleware or other ickies trying to introduce itself on your system.

Adobe Premier Express

Nope, this currently is not a direct to consumer application. This is a video editing application for businesses and corporations that want to allow their users to create content for a specific ad or campaign. Adobe does have a 30-day trial version of Premier Elements. There currently isn’t any place on the Adobe web site where you can perform free video editing.

Avid Free DV

Gone to the big digit in the sky. Avid discontinued this software in 2007. Any modern web site that claims to have it for download is one to stay away from unless you want to expose yourself to spyware, malware or other cyber cooties. Avid has sold their consumer video editing product lines to Corel.

Pinnacle Spin

The consumer line of Pinnacle was purchased by Avid who then sold it to Corel. The software still has the Pinnacle label but you will not find Pinnacle Spin on the web site. The prior link to VideoSpin will take you to the 30-day trial version of Pinnacle Studio.


JayCut was an online video editing application that predates the tablet era. Research In Motion aka Blackberry purchased the site. That door is closed and not expected to be resurrected.


Another online editing service that was acquired by Yahoo in 2006. The service was discontinued in 2009.

Zwei-Stein ZS4

Wayyyy back in the day this was one of the few free editing programs. It was a geeker’s dream because it was so complicated to use. I mean no disrespect but it was never user friendly. The software hasn’t been updated since 2007. There is no support for modern codecs. The creators of the program are more focused on their music careers. I think one of their web sites has been hijacked. I’m not linking to it or going near it.

These are the departed editing software packages that you should not expend time trying to track down. I'm sure I missed a few. If you see these in your search, move on down the line.

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