Saturday, March 30, 2013

Google's The Peanut Gallery - Voice Titles to Clips

If you have some free time on your hands this could be kinda fun. The Peanut Gallery is an experiment by Google for the Chrome browser; it is simple and you might find some amusement in trying it out.

Here is the deal. Select a video. Hook up your microphone and allow the browser access to record your voice. A bit of video will appear. and you get to speak the words to add to the inter-film title card like the use to do for silent movies.

This is the promotional video using a clip from a Dick Tracy movie Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome. Gruesome being performed by Mr. Boris Karloff. This happens to be one of the better efforts from the filmed Dick Tracy series. Way better than that cheesy cartoon series from the 1960.

Go forth and create.

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