Friday, May 24, 2013

Bandwidth Experiement Using iCalc Bandwith Calculator

There is a saying. You want to make God laugh? Tell her your plans. I have been having trouble maintaining a stable Internet connection so my intended experiment on making upload a good quality video on a slow bandwidth connection has to be kicked to the curb.

Not to say that I haven't been in research mode. There are dozens of video bandwidth calculators. Most seem to be for corporate or live stream video upload calculations. For example, there is an event with x amount of participants viewer this much video content.

These type of calculators figure out the bandwidth and then figure out the cost of said bandwidth. 

Not what I was looking. And then I found iCalc. For the record, I am not a broadcast engineer, nor can I construct the formula to figure out how to do this in my head.

The problem I was curious about is that I have a standard 720p video. How little bandwidth do I need in order to upload it?

On the temporary mobile WiFi service I have I'm lucky if I can get .5Mbps on the upload side of the fence. Limitations can be good for creativity but not if you can't run the test. 

Except in a way I can.

I created a one minute 37MB sample video that contains full audio and video. In the calculator I enter the size of my video and select MB. What you see in the image is the upload times for the video at different connection speeds.

Now 40 minutes isn't that bad for a home user on 128k ISDN upload. It isn't great either. With my current connection it is dicey if the connection holds for 40 solid minutes.

Drop below ISDN speed levels and it could take days to upload anything over 15MB. 

If you at an Internet cafe or some kind of metered experience this is not a financially or functional solution.  

Well, I can stand no more of this. I need speed. I'm waiting on the mail carrier to deliver me from this state of Internet interrupt-is. There is much to do and this is no time the sluggish connections.

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