Monday, May 6, 2013

Cheap, Easy or The Best Video Editor

If I read it once I've read it a thousand times. People, generally young people but that would be an ageist statement, are on the look out for a free, top quality video editing program.

I get peevy at this; no mention of what they are using, what software platform they are on or their experience level.

The cyber cup clangers don't tell you what type of recording devices they have or how they plan to display their works.

Catching my drift? True, I'm a little cranky but I'm tired of that critical thinking thing not kicking in to play.

That was harsh.  I don't mean to be. So let me try to embed some critical thinking concepts as I work my way though this challenge.

Cheap and Device Independent

If you are a YouTube member you do have access to the Editing function. You can upload a video in Private mode and then edit your video, add transitions or add a sound track. 

Once finished you can post the video to your channel.

The downside:

  • Video can take a long time to upload; if you are doing this on a mobile device you might tap out your data allowance.
  • Using the YouTube Editor audio content or other assets might result in a commercial being shown before your video. And no, you do not get to profit from it.

Easy and Operating System Dependent

If you are on Windows operating system you have Windows Movie Maker. If you are on the Macintosh operating system you have iMovie. Both are designed for novice users. If you can type in a word processing program you can use this software.

The downside:

  • Windows users - depending on what version of your operating system you might have it installed. If you are using Windows 7 or later you have to download it from Microsoft's web site.
  • Mac users - I believe you folks have to purchase the iLife version of iMovie but at $15 why kick about it?

The Best

The best video editing software is the one that you take the time to evaluate based upon the resources you have, your recording device and your skill level.

I will not stop you from paying $800 for Adobe Premier. But it might not be the right choice for your situation. At $999 Avid Media Composer might send a shiver up you spine but if you are just crafting basic web videos I think it would be overkill.

Before you download anythings you have to do a personal assement of:

  • What are you using to record video and what is the file format
  • What it is that you want to do with your video?
  • Where will the video be viewed?
  • Do you like to tinker? Or do you want it wham, bam thank you mam?
  • How much time do you have to work on a video?
  • How much or how little money do you have?
  • The condition of your tablet/computer system; can it handle video editing?
  • What products are available to me that will help me get the job done?

These are the questions you should ask yourself long before you ask about the best free video editing software.

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