Monday, June 10, 2013

Project Imagination 2013 Film Contest

If Ron Howard is popping up on consumer video sites it must be time for Project Imagination. This is a consumer film (video) contest using the concept of a picture tells a story. They give you the picture (theme) and you create the story.

You have from now until July 23, 2013 to create your cinematic take on the soul of a photo. Sorry international folks, this is a U.S. based contest sponsored by Canon.

You should check out the official rules of the project at the site. You need to read those rules because there are some surprises in that legalese that you want to know before you begin. 

On the creation/tech side you should know that:

  • You need to record in the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that is no smaller than 640x360
  • Keep it under 300MB in size and not a byte more.
  • You do have latitude in the recording formats but I'd stick with mp4 if I was you.

This is a straight up traditional contest where not only do you have to provide your personal information but you need to be scrupulous about providing documentation about your project.

This means you need talent and property releases, no copyright content appropriation and no accidental or implied sponsorship of another company; meaning that you have to be careful about things like logos on t-shirts, shopping bags and pants pockets. Don't even think about using the neighbors dog or cat without the owner's permission.

This is why you will need to read the contest rules to that you don't eliminate yourself.

There is a Imagination YouTube channel that has tutorials and examples videos.  You can also access some of the same content and additional tips on the Community blog page.

Check it out if you think you have a idea that fits the spirit of the content.

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